Waterproof Foundation Edmonton

Got a wet basement?  Stop wiping up and stop the problem once and for all.  If you’ve noticed a musky smell coming from your basement or crawlspace, you probably have water damage to the walls.

You will need to have basement waterproofing Edmonton, Canada, where winter snowmelt is severe saturating the ground to seep into your foundation walls.

Waterproofing is indispensable for the protection and integrity of your home or commercial building foundation.

We at Ramma will consult, investigate the problem, and prepare a custom project resolution to stop the problem


Water Damage Restoration


The waterproofing process for homes and buildings is designed to prevent water from infiltrating.  Usually with new-build construction, waterproofing is done preventing moisture and water control from the start.

Waterproofing in Edmonton is often done after a building is complete.  This will focus on any problems as they develop, or as a building retrofit project.

Critically important is waterproofing to have no problems through the years whether new construction or older properties.

We specialize in basement waterproofing in Edmonton, provide maintenance, restoration and new construction services.


Waterproofing Reduces Humidity Keeping Your Home Dry


A home or any building is more comfortable with less humidity that makes your skin sticky, and to protect valuables from damage due to moisture.  Waterproofing is foremost for the integrity of all building structures.

Mold and other problems chip away at foundations and structures making any building or home unsafe.  Mold creates spores unseen and they land and develop in wet conditions.

Wooden structures are particularly susceptible to rapid decay from moisture and humidity.  Cold climates, such as Edmonton, Alberta, find that water penetration causes damage to their homes and commercial structures.  The water freezes causing cracks to appear.

Inadequate or no basement waterproofing Edmonton is a year-round problem, not just during the wet seasons.

Notable signs that you might have a waterproofing issue are:


  • Musky mildew odor
  • West basement walls and floors
  • Excess mold and fungus growth
  • Pooling water
  • Signs of decay, deterioration, or rot


When you have water seepage in your commercials bay or pit, Ramma Foundation Repair have the waterproofing skills to solve your problems.