At Ramma Foundation Repair we provide Edmonton Foundation Repair services, and there is no job too small or too big that we won’t hand dig. The most efficient way to properly repair foundation cracks are is from the exterior walls.

With over 45,000 foundation crack repairs, you’ll be surprised how inexpensive it really is. Our prices are competitive repairing exterior cracks from the inside using the injection method. Book an appointment with one of our specialists today.

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Foundation Repair is what we are especially passionate about. We provide remarkable services on site to fix your foundation problems. Please feel welcome to request information to build a plan for the Edmonton Foundation Reapir services we provide listed below.

1. Edmonth Foundation Repair

2. Foundation Repair Edmonton

3. Edmonton Concreet Foundation Repair

4. Edmonton Foundation Crack Repair

RAMMA Services Foundation Repair

At our family-owned company, we know that there is no job too large or too small that we will not hand dig when necessary.  The most effective and efficient way to repair cracks appropriately is from the exterior walls working inward.

In business since 1971, having completed more than 45,000 foundation cracks at an affordable price, you will find Ramma Foundation Repair to be competitive with those using injection methods.

What We Do For You

We can handle problems for home and commercial problems such as:

  • Cracked or broken foundation
  • Edmonton Foundation Repair
  • Tilting or sinking foundation
  • Edge lifting or separating
  • Dirty or stained foundation
  • Damp or moist foundation

For you to become more productive and profitable at your business, consult with us for a job well done the first time, on time, with a price that won’t break the bank.

We would love to schedule a time to talk more about some of your delegation and team challenges, and explore how we may be able to work together.  There is no cost or obligation to discuss your problem with you.  We do foundation repair in Edmonton to fix the problems you have.

Problematic Foundations

When you have foundation crack repair in Edmonton, whether for your home or business, we would be pleased to quote you our rates to remediate the undesirable or deficient foundation.  For a home foundation repair in Edmonton, you will find our results to be permanent at a price you can afford.

Diverse factors can cause foundation problems from challenging soils to tree root invasion.  When tree roots look for water, they go to the main water line that enters your home’s crawlspace foundation or basement foundation that is the underpinning of your home’s structure.  Deep and spreading roots on older large trees such as maple can leach moisture from the soil under your home’s foundation.  Important dynamics for foundation problems are cracked plumbing under the slab foundations if the house sits on a concrete slab as well.  This can the soil to shrink with the foundation settling.

Once your foundations declines and weakens, the effects of the wear and tear show signs of cracks in your walls and flooring along with a host of home repair issues.  Repairing your foundation now can prevent the damage from advancing to an uncontrollable state.

Cracks could mean you might have a foundation problem.  This is especially true when appearing around windows, around doors, and in the outside brickwork.

Before we begin any foundation repair, we assess the problem and damage.  You could be sitting on soil with clay minerals.  Clay soils expand from rain and snow absorbing those elements quickly.  When wet, the soil will expand and press up into the foundation.  When the soil dries it shrinks at the foundation.  The heaving and settling continually often times will give rise to cracks and damage.

Concrete foundation repairs in Edmonton are done by us using hand digging.  Our people are highly capable and skilled experts for this type of repair.

When you need cracked basement walls restored, call us to be there right on time doing the job right every time.

We’ll make the process easy with the right professionals for your project to best meet your needs.

Poor concrete construction, improper ground prep, and poor drainage all contribute to the failure of foundations.

Be sure to keep water away from your foundation because clay soil expands and contracts.  If you don’t have gutters, add them with down spouts and long extensions for sending the rain and snow further away from the house.  Make sure the down spouts slope always from the house.  Daily watering of vegetable gardens, berry bushes, and flower beds close to the house will also contribute to more water at the foundation.

When we evaluate your foundation repair, part of our process is to identify the origin, source, and cause of the problem thereby avoiding the problem in the future.

After our team completes hand digging around the foundation of your home or business, we will carefully mount weeping tile and seal all of the outside walls for better water control.

We will subsequently proceed to install an insulation procedure to the exterior of the wall. We will additionally use a sump pump for removing water away from the foundation of your home, down spouts, and window wells. A solution for when it rains it pours is to get a 55-gallon rain barrel to recycle into your gardens.

To remove some of the intrusive water and moisture, waterproofing the foundation is a treatment that helps.  As a moisture barrier and for reducing humidity inside the home, it also eliminates bugs from entering, prevents different mold species and their spores that dearly love moisture and humidity.  If your house smells musky, it probably has moisture and needs to be fixed

Insulation And Waterproofing Edmonton

Older houses did not use weeping tile in the construction when building the homes many decades ago. To explain if you aren’t familiar, weeping tile is a simply a porous pipe installed around basement foundations for water drainage.

By installing weeping tile, it helps to move water at your home away from its foundation.  This is supported by adding waterproofing to the foundation of your home.  For even more protection, we add foundation insulation board that is a primary and essential component integral to the high R-value of 9.6. This helps to counterattack and prevent heat flow.  It also provides a reduction in thermal (temperature) stress to direct water to the weeping tile and prevent concrete from cracking.

Allow our team of experts to help you prevent existing or further damage using weeping tile and insulation installation protection for your home.

We will waterproof foundations in Edmonton to your approval to prevent water and moisture from entering the space that is to be dry.  Any foundation repair in Edmonton that we do is guaranteed to your satisfaction.

Basement foundation repair cost and waterproofing foundations can be exorbitant; however, we know that we can offer you a price to fit your budget.

With over 48 years of industry experience, our family-owned and operated company can problem solve any issues, no matter how difficult or severe. Our team works hard to maintain our core values by providing Edmonton with expert foundation repair and complete quality control.

To determine what’s causing your water woes for your foundation issues contact a certified repair specialist at RAMMA Services Foundation Repair to inspect your home and provide you with our fair and honest repair estimate.

House Foundations Three Styles

All houses that are constructed will have a foundation.  There are three types that are different for distinct for many reasons.

  • House design
  • Physical location
  • Climate
  • Soil
  • Moisture situations
  • Construction budget

Three foundations are used for the house being built or the one your already live in.

  • Full basement
  • Crawlspace
  • Slab on grade

These are the three typical types; however, conceivable plausible other alternatives are feasible.

1. Full Basement House Foundation

The foundation for a full basement will be the deepest of the three types of foundations.  It is usually 6-feet tall to equal the floor space of the living area above.  Today’s innovative new houses might have even taller basements for a recreation room, video and sound room, home office, or more useable living area such as a suite for aging parents among other things.  The foundation for basements are made of mortared concrete block or usually of poured concrete.  Older and historical houses with full basements were built of stone, brick, concrete or cinder block walls that were quite short and small.

The benefits of a full basement is more living space that is usually complete with the main floor HVAC (heating, ventilation, and cooling) system. 

The full basement will have a concrete slab completely supported by the ground below where is can be supported by the existing ground, a stone layer, porous substance, or other items.  With no voids below it, the slab on grade may be as thin as 4-inches.  When the structural engineer has concerns with the ability of the ground to support the slab, the thickness of the slab on grade might need to be increased installing within the slab reinforcing steel. The slab is typically below the frost line where the ground freezes during the winter.

A variation from a flat surface are is the daylight basement that is built on a slope to provide a terrace having windows, sliding glass or French doors to go onto a deck, patio, balcony, or walkway.  This type of full basement has one or more sides set in the ground from the floor to ceiling.  It can have a fireplace that extends from this lower level to include a second fireplace through the upper floor above with the chimney exiting the roof.

Plumbing is put in before the concrete is poured and the wiring conduit runs under the rebar in the slab foundation at this time as well.

Interesting and informative expert videos you might like to see.

2. Crawlspace

Crawlspaces are less expensive to build and offer no room for people living in the upper house.  If you have stuff, you will not have a lower level to put it.  Crawlspaces are just that—a short height to belly crawl being only about 4-feet tall, or even lower.  These can provide space for plumbing and electrical wiring having short foundation walls with footing.  Sometime furnaces are put here laying horizontally, since the height of the top is too short to install vertically.  If a furnace cannot be installed, it can be placed in the laundry room with the washer and dryer on an inner wall to a room in the house.

These spaces are usually not heated with no concrete floor being the dirt it was built on.  The foundation outside will have vents that must be opened in the summer for air to circulate drying out any moisture and definitely closed in the winter to prevent freezing of water pipes.

Crawl spaces are less costly to build due to a smaller amount of excavation, material, and labor.  The walls are normally made using poured concrete or mortared concrete block.

3. Concrete On Slab Foundation

This type of foundation utilizes a solid concrete slab that is supported by the ground. This foundation is used in climates not having ground freezing and thawing that will eventually lead to concrete foundation cracks in Edmonton to shift the foundation.

This is a better foundation than a crawlspace offering better protection from termites, spiders, and other insects found in crawlspaces in summertime.  However, the disadvantages are no storage space with a slab and if water and drain pipes have problems, the concrete slab must be cut for repairs.

Reinforcing Slab On Grade

A slab on grade will prevent foundation cracking when it is reinforced with welded wire fabric WWF or fiber strands to reduce shrinking and expanding. An expansion joint will be installed to separate the exterior walls at the perimeter of the slab from the slab itself.

To curtail the effects of expansion and contraction, the structural engineer will plan for expansion joints to be cut in the concrete slab on grade.  Boxed out and filled in at a later time will be any columns located on the slab.

To minimize dusting of the slab and to protect it from salts and other corrosive materials that might fall on it during its lifespan, a synthetic sealant is customarily applied.

Other Services

Foundation repair is what we’re really passionate about, but we do offer some other very noteworthy services. if we are on-site fixing your Foundation, Please Feel Free To Inquire About The Following Value-Added Services.

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