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Do you have a leaky basement? Ramma Foundation Repair are the professionals to trust when it comes to weeping tile repair and replacement.

The only truly effective method of repair for damaged, older weeping tiles is removal & replacement. This does require digging the soil on the exterior of the home down to the footing. Once the soil is removed, the old tile can be removed and replaced with new perforated plastic drainage piping, which is continuous and should last indefinitely when properly installed.

The benefit of replacement in this method is that the exterior of the foundation can be cleaned, any cracks patched and new damp-proofing installed to ensure that seepage is stopped. The final part of the repair may be to replace the weeping tile below the basement floor slab.

Once the exterior excavation is complete, it may be possible to flush out the excess clay and debris from these tiles if there has not been excess movement in this area. If the basement floor is badly cracked and heaved, or the weeping tile damaged, replacement will be necessary. This will require cutting and removal of long, narrow sections of the concrete floor to allow installation of new, non-perforated drainage piping.

This final stage may not be necessary, but is critical to ensure the water drained from the new exterior part of the system reaches the catch basin or a new sump pit.

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Foundation Repair is what we’re really passionate about, but we do offer some other very noteworthy services. If we are on-site fixing your foundation, please feel free to inquire about the following value-added services.

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  • Weeping Tile Repair
  • Gutter cleaning
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Do you have a leaky basement? Ramma Foundation Repair are the professionals to trust when it comes to weeping tile repair and replacement.

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