In Edmonton, you will feel overwhelmed and panicky when you see your basement floor covered with water from a heavy rain, melting snow, frost melt, or when your clothes washer has flooded the floor with gallons of water.

When it comes to finding waterproofing companies, Ramma is the company to use for your basement waterproofing requirements to solve your problem right on time every time.

Basement waterproofing is a necessity and a must-do. Ramma provides basement waterproofing in Edmonton for you with the solution for this occurrence to keep the water from entering the concrete causing damage along with prevention of mold and mildew.  Foundation waterproofing is essential for the problem issues shown below.

Understanding The Problem

You are probably wondering, What causes basements to leak to begin with?  Some of the most frequent causes are the following concerns.

  • Cracks in the floor concrete
  • Cracks in the foundation wall
  • Movements due to soil erosion in footings
  • No weeping tile
  • Existing weeping tile clogged or impaired
  • Water build-up inside window wells

Risks for Your Home When Not Waterproofing

When your basement has not been waterproofed, it can and will leak in unpredictable extents from being slightly damp up to a number of inches of water.  This hazard can impact your property for safe living, property value when reselling, and can provide a toxic environment if mold develops.  The musky smell is unpleasant and hard to remove.  Don’t risk dangerous living to what seems to be to you just a little bit of water.  Lengthy exposure can pose a multiplicity of problems. Waterproofing basement walls will do away with your troubles.

Over time, foundations can be damaged by the elements, transpiration, evaporation, drainage issues, and ground heaving.  In some case, a foundation may simply have been poorly constructed.

  • Property Damage—not only causes damage from the water itself to floor coverings of wall-to-wall carpeting, large area rugs, hardwood, laminate, tile, terrazzo, furniture, and personal belongings. Water can leach up and into your drywall that sometimes will grow black mold that you cannot see unless you get into it.  It can cause foundation and severe structural damage as well.  Disregarding moisture and inundating water will have long-term consequences, and in the long run, be quite expensive to fix.
  • Complaints, Sickness, Ailments—can be caused by dampness, water seepage in the basement, and leaks in the basement leading to mildew, mold, and wall rot. Respiratory illnesses, allergic asthma, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, COPD, emphysema, coughing, eye irritation, rashes, continual headaches and fatigue are characteristic of black mold exposure and/or black mold poisoning.

The Process To Stay Dry Year-Round

Ramma Waterproofing Solutions

We have rock solid solutions to prevent water from seeping into your basement and ways to prevent basement flooding.  The following specialized methods are used to keep your basement dry in inclement weather in Edmonton of frost, snow melt, rain, and ground freezing in the winter.  We will consult with you about the possibilities to keep your basement dry at affordable prices.  Ramma uses this same 4-step process on cracks that we do when we waterproof foundation walls in your basement.  We waterproof basements from the outside not the inside using hand-digging methods by our expert crew.

  1. Weeping Tile, is a misnomer being a confusing name often used in the 1950s and before when terracotta tiles were used for water in and drainpipes out. To be better understood, a weeping tile is simply a porous plastic drain pipe that we will install around the outside boundary of your house—its perimeter around the basement foundation.  This will stop water from gathering and pooling around your foundation and then leaking into your basement.
  2. Crack Repairs can occur when the foundation is poured causing air pockets to form in the concrete. If the concrete mix is not given enough time to correctly cure, the results can be cracks.  When this happens, the cracks allow water to force its way through the walls then into your basement.
  3. Foundation Insulation is used by us by means of GeoDrain foundation insulation board for all types of foundation problems whether it’s your house or commercial/industrial properties. It protects the membrane and drains any residual water away from the foundation by removing the lateral (horizontal or side) pressure from the foundation wall adding the 9.6 R-value to it.
  4. Foundation Sealants are used in crack and pipe penetrations and poured concrete foundations. They are typically the main problem areas for water leaks and we seal them from the outside.

Your home or business is important to you; therefore, we go all-out to not cause damage to landscaping, ornamentals, or other valued items.  Our team is thoughtful, considerate, and careful to prevent any appearance that foundation damage has been fixed.

Search no more for waterproofing foundations and basements in Edmonton.  We are just a phone call away to serve you.  Call us now for a cost-free no obligation quote for your basement waterproofing and to discuss your options for basement remediation  and water mitigation, serving  Edmonton and surrounding areas at (780) 940-5818.

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